OXford & Cambridge society OF ghana



Welcome to the Oxford and Cambridge Society of Ghana, which is open to all Oxford and Cambridge alumni resident in Ghana and non-resident alumni who are Ghanaians. It was set up for alumni to network among themselves and promote worthy social causes in the Ghanaian community. It is a society that organises alumni events including education and community support events, speaking events, fundraising and networking events in Ghana. 

​The journey of the Oxford and Cambridge Society began when an Oxford alumna, Dr Emefa Amoako, looking to contact an existing Oxford alumni group in Ghana, was unsuccessful in doing so. As a result, she contacted the Oxford Alumni Office to know if there was an Oxford alumni group in Ghana, but was told none officially existed. Through her initiative and the assistance of the Oxford Alumni Office, as well as the support of a dynamic team of Oxford alumni including His Excellency, Peter Jones (the British High Commissioner to Ghana), OxfordPlus was officially established in Ghana on the 15th of November, 2012. The launch was marked by a reading session with over 150 school children at the Osu Children’s Library in Accra.

​ However, after the launch of OxfordPlus and through research, Dr Emefa Amoako discovered that Oxford and Cambridge alumni in Ghana have been engaging in activities since the 1950s. Conversations on separate occasions with older Oxford alumni such as
Ghana's Ex-President, His Excellency, John Agyekum Kufuor, Mr Tsatsu Tsikata, former Chief Executive
of Ghana National Petroleum Company (GNPC) and now the Energy Advisor to the current Government of Ghana, and Professor George Hagan of the University of Ghana, Legon and one time Presidential Candidate, revealed a number of names of older Oxford and Cambridge alumni. To mention a few, the names include Professor Akua Kuenyehia, Professor Charles Vandyck, Professor Alexander Adum Kwapong, Professor Ayensu, Mr Fui Tsikata, Mr Miguel Riberio, Mr George Gardiner, Professor Kwamena Ahwoi,Mr Elikem Kuenyehia. Nevertheless, the confidential list of names of Ghanaian Oxford alumni officially entrusted to Dr Emefa Amoako by the Oxford Alumni Office did not include the names of the Oxford alumni that emerged in these conversations. This discovery set some of the founding members of OxfordPlus on a path to seek out the older (as well as other) Oxford and Cambridge alumni. Consequently, Dr Emefa Amoako made contacts with Mr George Gardiner and Mr Miguel Riberio, Executives of the older Oxbridge alumni with plans underway for a meeting to bring together all Ghanaian alumni from both universities. Indeed, an Oxford and Cambridge Society of Ghana, made up of both recent and older alumni, will be a force to reckon with.

​ ​ In January 2013, the Networks Officer from the Oxford Alumni Office contacted Dr Emefa Amoako, regarding the expression of interest by the Cambridge Alumni Office for their Cambridge alumni group in Ghana to join forces with OxfordPlus to establish a joint Oxford and Cambridge Society in Ghana. Consequently, the process towards a merger began. After a series of meetings and conversations, OxfordPlus and Cambridge Alumni group were merged, and inaugurated as Oxford and Cambridge Society of Ghana at a meeting on the 2nd of November 2013 in Accra. At the inaugural meeting, a constitution that had been drafted for the merged group was ratified, and the decision to seek out the older alumni to harmonise alumni activities and build one strong alumni society, initiated by OxfordPlus early on, was supported by the group.