Ms. Christine Fairchild, Oxford Director of Alumni Relations with Dr. Emefa Amoako

 "The Oxford Thinking fundraising campaign has now passed  its initial target of £1.25 billion raised for the collegiate University and is now well on its way to the new target of £3 billion. The impact of gifts from alumni and friends in this region have led to significant support for college and university initiatives, academic posts and capital projects, student scholarships and research fellowships. For stories on how gifts have impacted the University", visit the Campaign webpage  (




"Funding Opportunities :As International students, African nationals are eligible for a vast number of scholarships,many of which are fully funded. Over £50m of funding is won by graduate students at Oxford every year, and 54% of our doctoral students are fully funded.To find out the exact scholarship(s) you may be eligible for, use the Fees, Funding and Scholarship Search Tools

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